Cursed or Forsaken Demo

by Bare Your Teeth

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released February 14, 2011

Recorded by: Steven Brindisi
Wave Lab Studios



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Bare Your Teeth Crossville, Tennessee

Tennessee hardcore infused with power-violence influence

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Track Name: Botched
BOTCHED - I have no love for you. Stay out of my life, I'm fucking through. I don't need your bullshit drama & Never fucking needed you. You were the one who fucked it all up this time.
Track Name: PCI
PCI - Education was never for me. Ill fucking make it with my high school degree. These hands have worked for everything that I've got. You will not take from me all that I have earned. Now I've felt your heartbreak & shook hands with despair. I'm best friends with depression because hes ripping out my fucking hair. If my father survived with his GED, You can shove your fucking college degree. You'll never be better than me now motherfucker..Ive heard enough. We'll always be baring our teeth. I don't give a fuck.
Track Name: Bantamweight
Bantamweight - I watch you wallow in hypocrisy & lead a life of fucking infamy. Never underestimate the smallest dog in the fight. Just because his bark doesn't match his bite. I will never get enough from you. you don't deserve one bit of forgiveness. Your disease ridden, full of sickness. No excuses for your ignorance. Now I'm hurting you, so bare witness.
Track Name: Cursed or Forsaken
Cursed or Forsaken - If I died today this world would care less. I'm just another broken man with a hole in his chest. Ill scream at nothing until my lungs collapse. Destined to fail or destined to relapse. Ive fallen to my knees and cursed the sky, I yell up to the heavens "Why God? Why!?" Why this curse to my name? Why do I feel all this pain when nothing is the same? When nothing is the same and no one is to blame anymore. My mind holds me back, my heart belongs to another.